Yadi for Mayamiko www.mayamiko.com 

Yadi will be releasing a small line of tops with The African Shirt Company! The tops will be sold on tour and will also become available on their website.

The sizes will come in unisex XS, S, M and L. They will come in pink, purple and blue.

All proceeds go back into the project based in Kenya, which teaches women to pattern, cut and sew as well as educating them not to cut down trees meaning that the fragile ecosystem in the region can be conserved and protected.

'Preview from my shoot with @mayamikodesigned @charlie__chops @jakegallagherhair @hollysilius @aimeecroysdill collection will be in sale 10th April #‎mayamiko #‎mayamikodesigned #‎ethicalfashion #‎malawi #‎madeinmalawi #‎colour #‎warmheartofafrica

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Wanna remix ‘Control’ and win the chance for it to be released on our Remix EP? Then follow this link!’


Sneak peak of a shoot for Mayamiko with charlotterutherfordblog aimeecroysdill jakegallagherhair 

Branko (ft. YADi & Bert On Beats) | Control

Buy ‘Control’ YADi’s new single with Branko and Bert On Beats here

Last day in NYC, let’s make it a good one. #videoshoot #nyc #newyork #1940shair #1950shair #Marilyn #branko #brankoftyadi @brankoofficial I’ve had the best time with @cgoodmanthomases @benluckinbill @matthewrivera @melonsandmint

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Yesterday YADi shot a video for her upcoming single with Branko in New York Botanical Gardens

On set with @benluckinbill @matthewrivera @cgoodmanthomases for my new single with @brankoofficial #nyc #newyork #videoshoot #junglefever #greenscreen #contra

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